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  • Free Cash Flow FCF Formula Calculation Example

    So, if the company you’re analyzing has a CFO section that does not do that, you will need to adjust it for comparability purposes. Even companies that sell services or software need buildings and computer equipment, and spending on both of them is considered CapEx. We provide competitive cloud hosting plans that scale with your […]

  • Top 6 Bookkeepers in Detroit, MI April 2024 Reviews

    We can help manage all aspects of your business finances, including taxes, payroll, bookkeeping, entity formation, and more. Our services are available in all 50 states, with experts in traditional and emerging markets. On average, individual tax preparation services cost $242, and prices typically range from $137- $454. However, many factors can impact how much an accountant […]

  • FICA Tax: Rates, How It Works in 2023-2024

    As of 2024, the Social Security tax rate is 6.2% for both employees and employers, up to a wage base limit of $168,600. This means that once an employee’s wages reach this limit, no additional Social Security taxes are withheld for the remainder of the year. The Additional Medicare Tax rate is 0.90% and it […]